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Sam and Sara have been through a lot together, too much to be honest. That's why Sara decided to leave Sam.

Now they are both dealing with the past in their own way.


Sam and Sara was started as a challenge to myself. I wanted to create a game in 38 hours of actual work, start to finish, and I did.

This also is my entry for the Finally Finish Something Jam 2017.


Sam and Sara support different control schemes.

You can play with an Xbox 360 controller.

Movement : Left stick
Jump : A
Retry : X
New level : B
Dash left (Sam only) : LB
Dash right (Sam only) : RB
Quit to menu / close application : Back

You can play with keyboard.

Movement : WASD, ZQSD or arrow keys
Jump : Space, W, Z or Arrow Up
Retry : X
New level : B
Dash left (Sam only) : CTRL Left / CTRL Right
Dash right (Sam only) : Keypad 0
Quit to menu / close application : Esc

12/01/2017 :

- Fixed input bug for WASD and ZQSD layout

29/01/2017 :

- Added 4 new levels to the game.

Install instructions

Install instruction

Download the zip file and extract to any folder. Run SamAndSara.exe to play.



Sam And Sara.zip 11 MB

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